10 Accurate Comics That Depict The Difference Between Having The First Vs. Second Child


Why Is The Firstborn Child Aways The Smartest One And Takes A Special Place In Parent’s Heart?

Every parent has a special place in their heart for their first born child.
Not just while comparing with their second-borns but the firstborn is actually treated their whole life differently. YES… This Is True!


From conceiving the first child to how the mothers are treated and how the kids are raised with so many precautions and care yet not so much with the second-born.

Weng Chen has shown this difference through her illustrations, and it is absolutely hysterical.

Weng Chen from China, living in the United States. She is an artist, VR game designer and above all, a mother.

“When I was about 2, 3 years old, my mom drew me a little mermaid and told me the story. I was fascinated, it was like magic that the most beautiful picture just came from my mom’s pen. I believe that was when I fell in love with drawing and storytelling.”

She has been recently drawing comics mostly about her daily life revolving around her two beautiful daughters, Electra (first-born) and Ali (second-born).

“Messycow comics were started with an impulse. I didn’t spend any time designing anything, just dove in and started drawing.”

Check out the difference below through her hilarious illustrations.


When you ate the healthiest food all nine months for the first one but for the second one you’re like “Oh, what does it matter?”


Appreciation differences in their efforts.