10 Best Movie Clues You Totally Missed


A plot twist is an effective way of keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, but not every surprise comes completely out of the blue.

Filmmakers just can’t help leaving a hint or two for all to see, even if it’s just the viewers paying the closest attention who catch them.


Here are 10 Best Movie Clues You Missed.



The big shocker at the end of Back to the Future is that the 1985 Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) returns to is not the same one he left at the beginning of the film. His father is a rich and famous sci-fi author, Biff has a job washing car, and Marty has the truck of his dreams to go cruising down the highway. However, director Robert Zemeckis made his great reveal a little earlier in the film, well before it was spelled out via Marty’s new family history.

Sparing himself enough time so he can warn Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) about the impending Libyan terrorist attach, Marty sprints back to the location where he went back in time: Twin Pines Mall. But when he runs by the sign, you may notice that the shopping center’s name has been changed to “Lone Pine Mall,” a direct result of Marty running over one of Farmer Peabody’s pine trees with the Delorean when he first arrived in 1955. This was an indication that his actions had far greater implications than just getting his parents back together, and Marty had seriously changed things while he was 30 years in the past.



In Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s 21 Jump Street, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are two undercover cops looking to unravel a high school drug operation. Their mission is simple: infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier. Thanks to a helpful sticker with a phone number, getting to know dealer Eric (Dave Franco) is easy, but the two spend the rest of the film struggling to find out who the mastermind of the operation is before it’s too late. If the heroes had only just remembered what they said, they would have saved themselves a lot of time and trouble.

Shortly after taking some of the drug HFS, Jenko notes that the substance has a cool ranch taste to it, a throwaway line that few probably even noticed. While the duo walks back to their classes, they run into Coach Walters (Rob Riggle), who is snacking on a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos during his conversation with Schmidt and Jenko. In the film’s third act, we learn that Walters is the supplier, hoping to make a big score at the school’s prom night. Granted, Jenko was high on drugs at the time of their initial encounter, but he still should have been able to put 2 and 2 together and at least investigate Walters at some point in his assignment – instead of almost losing his job.