10 Celebrities Who Were Escorts Before Becoming Famous


Breaking into the entertainment isn’t an easy as it seems. Whether they aspire to be a successful actor or high-end model, some people will do anything to get the job they want. Even if it’s scandalous.

Today we will  discuss 10 celebrities who were escorts before becoming famous:


1.Marilyn Monroe

Before Marilyn Monroe was America’s blonde bombshell, she used to be a regular red headed girl that went by the name of Norma Jean. Like many aspiring actresses or models at the time, she would do anything to make it big in Hollywood. Hanging out with powerful directors and producers become Marylin’s job to get anything from a good meal to $500. It all turned out to help Marilyn in the end because she ended up becoming the famous sex symbol of Hollywood’s golden age.

2.Brad Pitt

Some people question Brad Pitt’s sexuality. Brad first arrived Hollywood years ago with only few hundred dollars in his pocket. He wanted to break into the movie business and after running late for an interview with Thom Racina. He was instead hired as the gay soap star’s houseboy. Brad moved into taking care of the home and run others errands. Even if Brad got his big break, it’s still being questioned on what Brad did exactly in exchange for room and board.