10 Celebrities Who Were Escorts Before Becoming Famous


3. Russell Brand  

If it wasn’t for his ex-wife Katty Perry, Russell Brand might have never tamed his wild ways. The British actor has been open about his drug and sex addiction past but Katty took the credit for changing him for the best. Back when the two were dating, she claimed that Russell used to ” basically be a professional prostitute.” While this statement has never been confirmed, Katty still seemed pretty open to talking about her then boyfriend’s  previous profession.



4.Sophie Anderton 

This model doesn’t feel shy when she talks about the time when she was a high-class prostitute. She admitted that she charged men up to 15,000 pounds an hour for sex in order to feed his cocaine addiction. Since 2004, the now 39-year old model has stayed clean from the drug and she has last seen as a reality star on “Celebrity Big Brother”.