10 Celebs Who Actually ‘Did It’ On Screen


Ever seen an authentic love-making scene in a movie? Well, it could be a result of some stellar acting, or it could be the product of things getting a little too real on set. 

1. Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton


Halley berry’s award-winning turn alongside Billy Bob Thornton in critically acclaimed film ‘Monster ball’ has been long been rumored to have been inspired by some true-to-life work in front of the camera. The unrestrained intensity and undeniably awkward vibe of the mid-film love scene between the two leads. Spurred whispers of how much acting was actually involved. And acknowledged that both had ‘agreed to be uninhibited with our bodies’. 


2. Robert Pattinson 

Before the ‘Twilight’ series turned him into a national heartthrob, The actor was best known for portraying Edward Cullen got a little too into the role of Salvador Dali, inside flick ‘Little Ashes’. During a vivid masturbation scene in the film, critics and keen-eyed filmgoers noticed that Robert’s ‘O’ face looked pretty authentic, he admitted as much in a candid interview, copping to the fact that he was handling his business just below the camera. As he states plainly, ‘My orgasm face is recorded for eternity’.

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