10 Celebs Who Let Themselves Go


When you are in public eye, the pressure to keep in shape is sky high. So, it is no surprise that some celebs can’t take it anymore. These 10 gave themselves a break from dieting and working out and let it all go. 

1. Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson became almost unrecognizable compared to how she looked on ‘American idol’. The singer herself revealed that she had faced comments about her weight from those very first days in the spotlight because she was the ‘Biggest’ on ‘Idol’. But as figure got fuller. She faced a huge amount of criticism for letting herself go. She is standing firm, Though, and refusing to let other comments change her. 

2. Rob Kardashian

Of all the Kardashians, Rob’s probably the one who has had the most negativity about his weight. As the reality star got bigger, he got more reclusive. But having let himself go and hidden out his home, Rob started to make changes after falling in love. He credits his weight loss to Blac Chyna. There is nothing like a wedding and baby to get you moving.