10 Creepy Last Words People Said Before They Died


We love those who are close to us, and it doesn’t come as a surprise if we feel downright miserable when they pass away.

We try our best to cherish all those memories, those thoughts that we had with them when they were alive. And in those memories, their last words to us play a huge part in keeping them close to us. Sometimes, those words are sweet, But sometimes, those words leave us shivering through our bones.


These People share the creepiest/ unsettling things others have said just before they died.


‘The body is in the woods next to the oak tree’

“Surgeon here. A man on his deathbed kept repeating ‘the body is in the woods next to the oak tree’ over and over until he passed. The police were notified and they did search some woods behind the man’s house but never found anything.”

– ReallyUnbelievable



‘I see a bright light…Horses…No eyes…No…NO…NOOO!’

“ER physician here. A man who was on his last breaths as he succumbed to renal failure. He said, ‘I see a bright light…Horses…No eyes…No…NO…NOOO!’ as he’d loudly yell, at this point, he was crashing when he suddenly woke up, looked up and with his last breath he said ‘I understand…’ and he died.

Though it was sort of medically justifiable, it still makes me doubt what we are led to believe.”

– Patlani