10 Disney Channel Couples You Didn’t know Dated Each Other


It’s no secret that Disney stars have some pretty complicated love lives. These celebrities change partners in the blink of an eye, and it’s difficult to keep track of who’s dating who.

That’s why we decided to compile this list of Disney stars you probably never knew dated each other. You’re about to be shocked because there are some odd hookups and pairings on this list that you didn’t see coming.




Between 2006 and 2007, ” Hannah Montana’s” Miley Cyrus was in a committed relationship with fellow Disney star, Nick Jonas. The two never spoke about their relationship while they were dating, and they tried very hard to keep their love secret for each other. But when they broke up, Miley wrote the song, “7 Things” to describe all the things she hated about Nick, including his vanity and insecurity. Time heals all wounds, and Miley and Nick were soon able to discuss just how much in love they really were with each other. In an interview with ” Seventeen” magazine, Miley said she and Nick became ” boyfriend and girlfriend” on the very first day they met. When they broke up, she said she was so sad, she ” bawled for a month straight”. Nick reminisced about the good times they shared together by posting a #TBT of him and Miley during happier days. A few years after their breakup, Miley even considered getting back together with Nick, but she has since moved on with Liam Hemsworth.  


Can you believe Dami Lovato dated ” Hannah Montana” co-star Cody Linley? He played the heartthrob character Jack Ryan on the program, and we are not surprised his good looks caught Demi’s eye. The two were together briefly in 2007, and their relationship got off to a  very bumpy start. Cody called it one of the worst first dates ever! He picked demi up two hours late because his car broke down on the way there. He finally got his car again and was able to pick her up. As they headed off to the steak restaurant, Cody experience car troubles once again. It was pitch dark outside, so Demi had to hold up his phone and use it as a flashlight so that he could see what he was doing under the hood of the car. Thankfully, he was able to get the car back running. Years after their breakup, Cody wrote a song called ” Just the way you are” and dedicated to his former girlfriend just weeks after she checked into the rehabilitation center.