10 Genius Acts Of Vandalism That Made The World A Funnier Place

Vandalism is something that gets a strong reaction out of everyone. The things that make us stop and look are actually street art. There are communities of people who love to put a spin on public property by making it funnier and more beautiful.  Banksy an England-base graffiti artist said, ‘Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked’. If you don’t believe that acts of vandalism and graffiti can be funny and awesome. Here are 10 Genius acts of Vandalism that made the world a better place. 

1.  Someone made a basket bin look like the cookie monster. It takes a lot of dedication to do street art. But it takes a soul to let go of a cookie for the sake of cookie.

2. Canadian vandalism is always the nicest sort of vandalism. Just imagine a child and looking out the window to see this. They may have apologized after they did this to those cars.