10 Gross Things Most Girls Secretly Enjoy


Females love to think that they are innocent, hygienic and completely flawless creatures and most of the time they are. They are experts when it comes to transforming their barnet from a bird’s nest into an immaculate bee-hive and can rock unsteady six-inch heels with no probs, but when they are on our lonesome, it’s a totally different story. 
You might be lucky enough to live alone and can be freely gross 24/7 no questions asked, but if you live with your significant other, it’s a little more difficult to hide, making those stolen moments alone to squeeze all our spots a gift sent from heaven.

The public preened persona is a far cry from how gross they are capable of being behind closed doors. Enjoy the list of secret habits they would never admit to doing, not even to their closest gal pals. You may try and pretend you ain’t guilty but hey, there’s no shame, they are all in this together.


1.  Scraping a really good chunk of dirt out from under your nail.

2.  Picking dry skin of your lips.