#10 Australia

Australia is ranked top 10 in a lot of categories such as: life expectancy, support of friends and relatives, charitable giving, perceived freedom, and education. Australia is also ranked at #1 in highest minimum wage country in 2016.

#9 Iceland


Iceland’s small population, barley about 320,000 may help explain why this close-knit society ranked No.1 in the world for the feeling that citizen could count on friends and neighbours for support, it also placed no.5 for healthy life expectancy.

#8 Austria

Austria got high rank in safety, education, transportation system, well organized public services and clean environment. Most number of residents in Austria are happy with their life and services available in the country in terms of basic and other needs.

#7 Finland

Finland got high rank in GDP per capita, very low corruption rate, quality of education, and facilities provided to the residents. Finland is also ranked high in quality of life, purchasing power, and in health care index.

#6 Canada

Canada ranked high in education, freedom of life, friendliness, and health services. Canada also got high rank in the most accessible country for immigration and higher studies by foreigners.

#5 Sweden

Sweden ranked at second in terms of healthy life expectancy, and also got high rank in perceived freedom from corruption and freedom of citizens to live the lives they choose.

#4 Netherlands

The Dutch placed themselves fourth in the world in how they perceive their own well-being, and scored high in terms of GDP per capita, social support and charitable giving. Netherlands is also included in highest minimum wage paying country in europe.

#3 Switzerland

While no country tipped the survey in more than once category, Switzerland placed in the top 10 among in every category. Switzerland provide high quality facilities in every basic need if like education, transportation, medical, salaries and safety.

#2 Norway

Norway provides high freedom of life to its residents, to live the lives they please, also provides very high quality of education and health system, In world happiness report almost every norwegian is happy with their incomes and facilities provided by the government.

#1 Denmark 

Denmark is in the “Top 10 Countries Highest GDP per capita” and now reached at the happiest country in the world for strong social support system, freedom to live as one want.