10 Hilarious Disney Memes True Fans Will Cherish


Disney is one of the most famous brands on the planet. They’ve grown so large that the conglomerate now owns the rights to the Marvel Universe and Lucasfilm, which is the Star Wars company. You may have mixed feelings about that scenario, but you can’t deny the talent of the employees at Disney. Zootopia was the bomb, and Moana was a really incredible movie no matter which way you look at it. Disney films hold a special place in our hearts, and especially in our upbringing. The characters in Disney films are almost always in a tough spot and they used the power of family and friendship to conquer evil. Now, as adults, we realize the hidden messages and themes in those early films and notice new weirdness as well. Here are some hilarious Disney memes only true fans will cherish and get it. 

1.  Pretty sure education with Gorillas was just crazy


Tarzan was probably just as interested in the actual dress compared to what it covers up. Tarzan is already an outcast, and without all the hair of a gorilla, he has to wear that sweet loincloth. That being said, a dress is probably super cool to him. You know who else did something like this? Goku. Oh yeah, in Dragon Ball when Goku first met Bulma, she gave him a slap for this. Maybe this is what they mean when they say the consent problem is real. Women aren’t treated fairly in the jungles either just look at lion pride.

2. The orphans of Disney annual road trip

So many orphans. In many spy shows and movies, the main character is often an orphan or from a complicated family. Apparently, it makes for better soldiers or heroes, and even in mythology, Gods often left their offspring to fend for themselves. It’s not the coolest subject, orphans, but they make awesome Disney characters.