10 Mugshots Of People In Funny T-Shirts


People really like to enjoy looking at hilarious mugshots. This may be because of the way the person looks, the facial expressions or the t-shirt that they are wearing.Honestly, the last one is undoubtedly the most enjoyable.

It’s great to show the world who you really are and feel proud about by place it on a shirt who you are so the world can see it. But we’d probably recommend staying away from certain t-shirts.


Not that the shirt landed them in jail directly , but we highly doubt the shirts helped them in court. However, these are very funny to see. Here are 16 mugshots of people wearing hilarious t-shirts.


1. Uncertainly if we’d consider this perfect timing, but this woman is pretty obstinate about her not being an alcoholic but rather a drunk.


2. Probably we are predicting this guy couldn’t fool the law when he wore this shirt. We’re not going so smartly.