10 Nerdy Celebs Who Became Smoking Hot


Some child stars literally grow up in front of the public eye. But when puberty hits, we see the awkward young actors transform into stunning adults. Here are 10 nerdy celebs who became smoking hot.

1. Alexa Vega


We remember Alexa Vega back when she was living a double life. The ‘spy kids’ star was known for starring in the movie series as Snarky pre-teen Carmen with the nifty gadgets. Today, Vega is a whole new person. She is now married to bid time rush star, Carlos Pena. She still acts professionally today, But her stunning looks is what stands out the most. This spy kid is definitely all woman now. 

2. Matthew Lewis

It would be wrong not to include this ‘Harry Potter’ actor in a child star transformation video. We all know how he was able to shake off that Neville Longbottom look. How is he able to continue to look so good? Apparently, Lewis has been buffing up for the new romantic film ‘Me Before You’. We are so glad he is still acting because we love watching him on the big screen.