10 Outrageous Wedding Cakes Ever


You have dreamed of your wedding since childhood, but you have never seen outrageous wedding cakes like this. There is always a great deal of work that goes into planning a wedding. Some people hire their own wedding planner so that they don’t have to deal with all the stuff that goes into organizing for the best day of their lives. The engaged couples want to impress their guest to the maximum, so they carefully choose their wedding cake. Why stick to an ordinary cake, when you can go different and turn it into the most outrageous wedding cakes to ever have been served at a wedding reception. There are 10+ “Outrageous Wedding Cakes” from couples, who refused to go with an ordinary wedding cake.

1. The Life-Sized Cake

This Bonkers couple chose a life-sized cake for their big day. The awkward moment when the groom is attracted more to the cake, than his own wife. His Bride literally was the icing on the cake.

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2. Wedding Dress Cake

This Wedding cake is 6 ft tall and costs a whopping £6,000. This cake feeds up to 2,000 guests. it was a good idea to have a cake that was an exact replica of Bride’s Dress.

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