10 People Reveal The Most Common Foods We Eat The Wrong Way


Food is food, and it is what we eat our own way. It shouldn’t matter how you eat it. But for some people does. You can’t eat a burger the same way that you eat chicken wings. You can’t cook a steak the way you’d cook another dish. There are rules for each and everything.There is always a proper way to eat different foods, and you could be eating your meals wrong and not even know it.

Below is the list of some people who revealed the most common mistakes we do while eating some foods. 




“Do you usually pour off the watery liquid on the top of the yoghurt? Don’t! Put it back. The liquid is whey and is produced when the milk is heated. If you’re pouring it off, you’re cheating on yourself and not getting its protein, vitamin B12 and other healthy nutrients.”



“The Hamburger: Specifically, where does the mayo go? Too often, burgers get assembled thusly: See the problem? Think, what is the purpose of mayonnaise here? To add flavour? To add fat? A well-made burger will have plenty of either of those. To lubricate? A burger has plenty of natural juice, and this is even less of a problem if the cheese is involved.

The unique property of mayonnaise is that it is a stable emulsion. It has an aqueous phase and a lipid phase dispersed through one another. This means that it can bind both with water and fat, which are, not coincidentally, the two things that a juicy burger is bleeding out unless it has been seriously overcooked.”