10 People Revealed The Hottest Thing Ever Said To Them That Just Melted Them


Everyone has their fairytale, which they share with friends and family. That one super hot, ultra-zesty story that you tell everybody at all the get-togethers. All things considered, this time, redditors imparted those stories to us. These little scraps will get you boiling with anger or possibly need to hello there five the general population included so hard, your hand tumbles off.

we can either compliment them or feel more regrettable about how our own lives are going. At any rate, these individuals probably had their fortunate blessed messengers smiling down at them since they were shaking it.


1. Fun At Wedding

Was at a wedding and after having a little bit to drink decided to be goofy and dip my finger in wax and poke my friend’s mouth who was one of the bridesmaids. She put her mouth around my finger thinking it was frosting or something and we both laughed then I made fun of her for it. Then she looked me straight in the eyes and said “you put it in my mouth so I sucked it” in one of those innocent/not so innocent tone of voices. Kissed her a bit later that night. Good times.

2. College

In college once, I had a waitress at the late night dinner, give me her number on a napkin with a note that she wanted to see if the bulge in my pants was as big as it looked. God, that makes me hot thinking about it 25 years later. What a night that was!