10 Secrets About Movie Theaters, They Don’t Want You To Know


We all love watching movies on the big screen But you know what really goes on behind the velvet curtain, while you’re watching the new blockbuster. There are many things in movie theaters which are quite strange. You’re missing so much that movie theaters do not want you to know. Luckily we’re here to expose them.

Here are our top 10 Secrets about cinema theaters.



We go to the movies to relax, to escape from our daily lives. When we watch a 3D film. Your eyes send messages to your brain that you are moving. However, your inner ear, which contains fluid to sense movement does not send these messages to your brain because you’re actually sitting. Still many people find these mixed messages between our brains, eyes, and ears and make them feel nauseous. Lots of people have been known to faint while watching 3D horror films at 2016.