10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The Male Body


Men can be a mystery to women, so it’s no surprise there are some shocking things you didn’t know about the male body.

Get ready to throw certain assumptions out of the window, as we reveal surprising facts about men, to do with their hormones, their brains and their hair. There are obvious differences between men and women, but there are also some fascinating similarities. Men can do things that we all thought only belonged in the domain of women. 




If you thought only women could produce milk, think again. Just like women, men have mammary glands too. Although it is possible for men to have milk, they wouldn’t actually be able to produce enough to feed a baby. This rare scenario is down to an interference with the hormone prolactin. This can be triggered by a pituitary gland, opiods, extreme starvation, heart medication or hormone treatments for prostate cancer. 


It may sound like an April fool, but a quarter of men in a survey believed they experienced ‘Man Periods’. When asked if they frequently suffered from the side effects of premenstrual symptoms, 26% of male respondents answered yes. These included feeling more sensitive, tired, hungry, irritable and even experiencing cramps.