10+ Survival Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day


There is a fact common to all human beings that we all want to live. We want to live a happy and fulfilled life. But, as we’ve learned throughout our lives, there are twists and turns waiting for us around every corner that could potentially take us out of this world. Whether it be through illness, accident, or freak events, there is no telling what could be waiting for us in the next moment. Today we will share some life-saving hacks that will help you to dodge these freaky moments and will also help you to remain safe in such disastrous situations. 



1. Don’t remove the sharp object if you’ve been stabbed or impaled. That object is working as a plug to help prevent blood loss. 

2. If you or someone gets a concussion, make sure to elevate the head around 20-30 degrees so fluid doesn’t build up in the brain. But, make sure there’s no possible spinal injury.