10 Things a Boy Should Never Say to a Girl


The first date is always important and helps people get to know each other. It’s recommended that a girl should put on a nude or natural makeup and try to wear less accessories so that the guy could estimate their natural looks. Guys, on the other hand, should wear simple clothes and look elegant. It’s always better to choose a quiet place for a date but the most important thing is communication. 

Today we are telling you the 10 things a guy shouldn’t ask on the first date otherwise you will end up losing her even without building any relationship. 

1. Are you a virgin?

Well, you should understand that this is a very delicate question and frankly the person you re talking to might fail to understand what a fuck it has to do with you. Never ask this question a person you hardly know. It’s just inappropriate and disrespectful.

2. What size are you?

Don’t ask that. You might be genuinely interested, but just don’t ask that question. Some people might feel insecure about their size. The person you re talking to might find you rude and will avoid continuing the conversation.