10 Things Every Newly Married Couple Fights About


As a newlywed, you try your best to make a successful marriage. There will be good times and bad times, that’s all part of the marriage process. Afer marriage you enter in the world of cute romance, passionate date nights, and crazy arguments.

Almost, All newlyweds fight. Here are some things all newly married couples fight about, don’t worry you and your hubby aren’t the only ones. Here We’ve rounded up some common mishaps and added wisdom to take into consideration.



That “Wet Towel On Bed” Argument

If your husband leaves his wet towel on the bed, the chair or the floor instead of drying it outside it sets you off. Right? It’s really irritating for you because you didn’t imagine living with a little piggy.


“Why Do You Take So Long To Get Ready” argument

Why men can’t understand that women take time to get ready. We, women, take a lot of time to put on our makeup and select our outfit. Getting dolled up is not that easy.