10 Things Girls Think Impress Men, But They Really Don’t


We’ve all done things we assume will impress the opposite gender. But is it a case that you’ve been doing things that actually turn guys off? The dating world is a tough world to negotiate. Not only is it hard getting a date in the first place, but once you’ve arranged to meet a guy you then have to put on your best clothes, roll out your funniest jokes, and engage him in some sharp conversation. We’ve all done things we think impress men. But what about 10 things we think to impress guys that actually don’t? To make sure you aren’t guilty of making some catastrophic dating mistakes, let’s take a look!

1. Pretending to like sports


Okay, so you’re dating a sports junkie. You don’t really like sports, and you kinda wish he didn’t like sports so much. But since he seems like a really cool dude you’d like to get to know better, you do the only thing that any girl would do in a bid to win him over, you pretend to like sports. Maybe he really likes you. But seriously, sports are important to him. He doesn’t need you to pretend that you like them. Let him enjoy them while you do whatever it is you gotta do. He would love you forever if you went away to do some knitting.

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2. Flirting With Other Guys

Think to flirt with other guys right in front of his face will make him jealous? Think again! He’ll likely lose interest right there and then.