10 Ugly Things Guys Really Find Hot About Girls

Just because you think something about yourself isn’t perfect doesn’t mean guys do. From having a cute snort to being a messy eater men are falling in love with your imperfections. Here we bring you the 10 ugly things guys love about girls.
Messy Eaters
You may have heard that guys like girls who are prim and proper. Well, this might be the case most of the time, they also want to know you have an appetite. A pet peeve for men is going on a date when the girl orders a salad, then ends up eating fries or food off of his plate. Don’t be shy when it comes to eating on a date. If you want buffalo wings, get them it shows that you’re human and you aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty.
Men love a girl who can joke with them and keep up with witty banter. Having a foul mouth can score you points with a guy and his friends. Though you may want to tone it down when you’re meeting his family. If you have a foul mouth it’s smart to know your audience and know when and where making dirty jokes are acceptable. Don’t worry if you cuss like a sailor, chances are your guy will love it and think it’s funny and cute.