10 of the Worst Celebrity Parents To Ever Exist!


Parenting is tough for non-celebrities. So, when you are rich and famous, Parenting is supposed to be easy, right? No, it is wrong. Here are the worst celebrity parents in the world.

1. Madonna 


While madonna may be among royalty in the world of pop. She sill has a few lessons to learn in the world of parents. The rest of Madonna children have also said their mother resorts to weird and harsh punishments for little things like leaving clothes on the floor.

2. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

For a while, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were the epitome of good parenting as shown on their show’19 Kids and Counting’. And they became celebrities overnight for popping out so many kids. However, people criticized the Duggar for leaving their younger children to be raised by their older children. When it was realized that Josh Duggar had molested his younger sisters, instead of being reported to the authorities.