10 Young Celebs Who Lost Their Virginity To Other Famous People


Sex,On the one hand it is a private issue, but we love to talk about it. Throw a celebrity in the mix and you have most peoples’ interest. When and to whom celebrities lost their viginities, is the ultimate piece of media gossip. These 10 famous figures are said to have lost their virginity to another celebrities. 

1. Miley Cyrus


It might make you laugh to hear the words ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘virginity’ in the same sentence but there was a time. Before the Actress and singer was riding naked on wreckling balls and twerking at award shows she was just an innocent child star. After few years boyfriend Liam Hemsworth reportedly bragged to friends about mileys’ abilities in the bedroom. To be honest is anyone shocked?

2. Selena Gomez

During her relationship with fellow Disney star Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez was known to wear a hastity ring, signifying her desire to wait until marriage to do the deed. People started noticing after the romance began between selena and justin that the ring went missing. Interviews with Gomez and an unnamed source close to bieber pretty much confirmed what everyone already knew!