11 on Screen Couples Who Fell in Love in Real Life


Love is the most powerful emotion known to human beings. Most people find its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. For some people, romantic love is the most important element in their life.

In the same context, we bring you some On-screen couples who were pretending to be romantic in a relationship fell in love in real life for each other.


1.The Amazing Spiderman(2012)

Our very own handsome “Spidey” Andrew Garfield get caught in the web love of his on-screen girlfriend “Emma Stone”. This romantic couple is still dating each other.

2. Green Lantern

They first met when they costarred together in 2011’s Green Lantern but didn’t start dating until a year after the film’s release. Now, this hot and sizzling couple is happily married and enjoying their life with two kids.