12 Delicate And Offensive Teacups To Insult Your Guests With Class



Social norms might restrict you from revealing to people how you feel about them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get around it. Miss Havisham’s has created a delicate series of not-so-subtly insulting cups “for the lady who speaks her mind,” and the collection deserves to be inside everybody’s cupboard. “A wise woman once told me, ‘If you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out,'” Melisa Johnson, the creator of Miss Havisham’s wrote. “By far, our favorite way to release it is by stewing over a scalding cup of tea.” Available in blue, aqua, or yellow, each cup comes with a saucer and a strong dose of brutal honesty. The phrases include “Kindly fuck off,” “We hate your baby,” and other classics. Available individually or as a set, these insulting teacups and saucers start at around $60. Let us know in the comments who you would invite to serve a nice cup of “Please, go die.”

There can be no better way than this one to politely insult your guests and people who you don’t like. This really made my day. 


Someone recommended a better option that it should have been “You have been poisoned.”