12 Disturbing Illustrations That Shows The Real Face Of The Modern Society


This world is turning into a nightmare. Our obsessions and addictions are destroying our environment. Many of us think that they don’t want to live on this planet anymore because something is going wrong with our world. There are a lot of things going wrong in this world and there is a lot of stuff around the internet that shows the ruination of our society. 

The Artists Luis Quiles and Steve Cutts with this downfall of the world. They brilliantly depict the sad truth about today’s world through a series of powerful illustrations that will make you think once. He covers a wide range of today’s world issues consisting Technologies, Fighting, Money, Politics and much more.


We need to overcome these problems. Trying to identify so we can face them. Below is the series of powerful illustrations, a few of them might be hard to decode, which in our opinion, makes them even more persuasive.

1. Mobile Phones

Our Mobile Phones are our lives. Although these devices add entertainment to our days. But it is a big issue in today’s society. Children are not getting attention because parents are busy in technologies and the parents, who are also tired in saving their children’s life from overpowering technologies.

2. Following Blindly

People are following blindly to everyone, just to reach the point where every third person lie. We are not focusing on the right path but following others blindly.