12 Times That Sexual History Question Got Super Weird


Remember whenever you visit the doctor for the first time you were asked that sexual history question?

Maybe it felt uncalled for and you maybe got confused or the luck just struck in and you said the best response. Sexual history question is one of those necessity questions asked by medical staff on your visit to the doctor. These questions help the doctors and nurses to get a good and precise start to treat your disease. These twelve stories from doctors, nurses and the patients tell us that the sexual history question can conduct about some really interesting and super weird responses. Here is a look!


1.  Socially active

In my freshman college, I have heard the best response to this question from the quietest person in English class. Somehow our conservation on vaccines guide to this topic, and he told a story about his doctor asking if he was sexually active.

His perfect response was, ‘Bro, I’m not even socially active’.

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2. Be cool

When I was in year seven, perhaps 11 or 12 years old, I had broken my foot in a way that needed a minor surgery. So my cute twenty-something nurse was asking me the pre-questions with my dad. When she got to the personal part, she asked if I wanted my dad to leave the room. I said no, because, whatever. When she asked if I was sexually active,

I turned to my dad and said in a loud whisper, ‘I want her to think I’m cool.’

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