14 Things You Never Knew About Your Pubic Hair


3. Pubic Hair Protects Your Body From Infections

Just as pubic hair protects your skin from chafing, it also protects you from potential viruses and bacteria. Dr. Yazdani explains, “More importantly, it enhances the microflora (healthy, helpful microbes) as it absorbs sweat and moves harmful particles out of the way of entering the vaginal and urethral areas.” Unfortunately, if you have any small cuts on your skin, it could make you more susceptible to bacteria and infections.


4. Your Gyno Doesn’t Care How You Groom Down There

Lots of women worry about what their pubic hair looks like before going to the gynecologist, but there’s no reason to think twice about it. Your gynecologist has seen every type of pubic hair, and as long as you have good hygiene practices down there, your gyno won’t care at all what your pubes look like. They’re way more concerned with making sure everything is hunky-dory on the inside.