15 Brutally Honest Illustrations By Gerhard Haderer Show What’s Wrong With Today’s Society


Art is not created only to please our eyes, it also transfers ideas and provokes thought. Gerhard Haderer had confronted the court of his books. It triggered violent reactions from the country, particularly from the Catholic Church. The story culminated in 2005 when Haderer was detained in Greece for insulting the religious community and has been given a six-month suspended sentence in absentia. However, this verdict was fixed on appeal and Gerhard Haderer was acquitted.

It was only when a cancer surgery in 1985 when Gerhard left his commercial fantasies and became a freelancer caricaturist and satirical illustrator. 


1.  A CEO or corporate leader just greedily eating funds. Fat in wealth kind of thing!

2. How ironic it is that often times today, family time is getting everyone to put down their small screens and all look at the same big screen for a while.