15 Extremely Important Questions I Need Americans to Answer


We all agree there are different cultures, rules, practices and many other things different countries. In other words, every country has their own specific rules and life styles of people are quite different. But so many things are just confusing. Talk about the Americans and they do weird things but they don’t realize that. So is the case with many other things. We are confused and want our American fellows to just answer these extremely important questions because they are just beyond our thinking. 

1. Who decided that the responses like “Yup”, “Sure” and “You Bet” are appropriate to a “Thank You”? There could be better options but why only these responses? Why don’t you just say “You’re welcome”? 



2. In some states, you can get beer in a pharmacy but not in an actual liquor store. Why? I want my American fellows to tell me why this is so?