16 Places in the World You are Not Allowed to Visit


There are very rare cases when we are not allowed to enter some places. Most of the time we get entry to the places of critical information, military control, of great cultural demonstration and even it might be an atomic bomb laboratory.

With exception to these places, we have picked a list of the 16 places where people are not allowed to enter, no matter what. These places are all around the world and have been legally restricted by the governments of the respective countries. For example, the list includes an island in Brazil where people are not allowed to go because snakes are in abundance at the island.


On the other hand, the Coca Cola Vault is also protected and only a few has authority to enter. The reason is obvious that it’s one of the most valuable brands in the world and company doesn’t want to disclose the recipe. KFC recipe is saved in a place where even the KFC president is not allowed to go. To make sure, you guys check all the 16 places where you can’t enter we have this video for you. Watch the video and do share your response over whether the ban is right or should be lifted.