16 Sad Truths That Only Women With Big Boobs Will Understand


Having BIG BOOBS Is Not Really That Great!

Having big boobs is not exactly a big deal but not easy as well. Big boobs led to bigger problems.


Most movies and TV shows that deal with the subject would have you believe that large breasts are a total blessing from the universe. But, It’s a daily struggle to make sure I’m not falling out of my top or spilling over the edge of my bra.

Big boobs are like puppies, they’re fun to look at and play with, but once they’re yours, you realize they’re a lot of responsibility. All girls say they want them, but the girls who have them try to convince them otherwise. Trust us, ladies, they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Great in so many ways, but awful…

Now there are 16 sad truths about having BIG BOOBS.


Two words: Boob sweat.

Who doesn't love perspiring in uncomfortable places?



Going braless is virtually impossible.

Gravity does not favor the well-endowed.