20-Year-Old Girl Makes the Best Possible Use of Tinder and People are Going Nuts Over Her


A 20-year-old girl Maggie Archer is facing criticism and people are praising her too after her Tinder story went viral. She is tricking men over Tinder. What she actually does is to find her matches and ask men to send her money. She provides them with her email address and PayPal account. Later on, as she receives the amount she proceeds to unmatch the hopeful man.

This is the 20-year-old girl who is getting limelight on social media after she started tricking men whom her profile matches. The line she added at the end is quite tricky and excites men to send her money. 


She shared her story on social media and people criticized her over what she did. There were few who praised her as well.

She provides the match with her email and PayPal account details. She waits to get the money and told that she has been doing this for 20 weeks. 

Her story also reveals that one in five men who asked about the last line in her profile went to send her money. 

After she receives the money, she proceeds to unmatch the hopeful men who had sent her $5. 

She told that some men who send her money offer to send more hoping for something to actually happen. 

She had shared the scam on Twitter where more than 8000 people shared it. Her story is going viral all over the internet. 

Last but not surely the least, she claimed that it was the best possible use of Tinder for her. 


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