A 31-Years Old Guy Died Due To The Swimming With A New Tattoo


31 years old an anonymous Hispanic man was died when he caught sepsis from swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. The reason behind caught sepsis was that he went swimming when he was not supposed to.

Recently he had gotten a new tattoo, and ignored the advice received by the people who gave him the tattoo.He was advised to wait for two weeks before going into pools or oceans.


Unluckily, he ignored the advice and went for a swim just five days after he got the tattoo. While swimming with the fresh wound of the tattoo, it got polluted with a Dermis-eating bug that basically leads to his death.


According to BMJ Case Reports, the man was rushed to the emergency room a day later. His lesions began to change. Central purple patches with black borders developed. Fluid-filled blisters called bullae then started discharging over his wound at a frightening rate.


Lab results of the man’s body showed high levels of liver enzymes, which indicated a history of chronic liver disease.