5 Animated Scenes That Make Kids Feel Awkward Around Parents


The animation is a beloved category for many families. It allows children to begin on colorful adventures and it also offers some quality moments for both the kids and the parents. Sometimes animated movies stick sly adult jokes into their movies for the parents, but what happens when the kids catch on awkwardness ensues. Here are some animated scenes that make kids feel really awkward around parents. 

1. Zootopia


Zootopia was one of the best Disney movies. It offered a touching and quiet grown-up tale which followed Judy’s quest to become a police officer in the animal-filled city. This Oscar winner had also some awkward sly references in it from breaking bad references to the Godfather. The movie is trashed with the moments that adults will only understand. Disney went full awkward in one scene. One moment in the movie, when Judi is informing her friend, Nick of all the additions.Related image

This is one of the more in the face jokes Disney is done.