5 Celebs Who Fell Victim To Their Own Insecurities


It isn’t always easy being in the spotlight. Sometimes, all the attention can backfire, and you can get it for all the wrong reasons. Many times, celebs are put under the microscope for the way they look, and they end up taking it to heart. From Kylie Jenner and her lips to Ariel Winter and her bra size, these are 5 celebs who fell victim to their own insecurities. 

Considering she has been in front of the camera since she was a tween, it was pretty hard for Kylie Jenner to cover up her lip injections. Sadly, that’s exactly what she did. The reality star finally came clean in 2016, and her confession about why she got lip injections will leave you in shock.



1. Michael Jackson

Fans of Michael Jackson know his long history of insecurities and plastic surgery. Considering he looked like an entirely different man between the 1980’s and the 1990’s, it was pretty hard for the singer to conceal all the operations. Sadly, the king of pop had such an obsession with one of his facial features that it almost cost him the entire thing. In 1979 Michael Jackson had his first nose operation.

The singer claimed he wanted it because he broke his nose during a dance rehearsal. It didn’t take long for Jackson not to be satisfied with his new nose because four years later, he had another nose job. Unfortunately, his second operation left him with breathing problems, so the singer went in for a third surgery in 1986.