5 Critical Situations Only Mothers Will Understand


Motherhood is not a singular experience, the relationship between a mother and her child is unique and only fully understood by those who share that inimitable bond. Nevertheless, there are certain situations that link moms across cultures into a common kinship of sorts, an unspoken language that cannot be translated for anyone who hasn’t been in their shoes. Here are 5 critical situations that every mother will understand.

1.  Waking a sleeping baby is a death wish


Once you’ve nursed your baby, changed their diaper, fed them, burped them, and finally put them to sleep, it’s truly a gratifying feeling. There’s something so heavenly about the way a baby sleeps, they appear blissful, lost in the realm of their dreams. So when someone dares break the peace, with even an accidental sneeze, it’s enraging.

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2. Quiet time is a rare occurrence, so you cherish every second of it

When you’re a mom, silence becomes as luxurious as wearing a mink coat (faux fur of course). Your regular days, so often filled with the chaotic noise of screaming kids and running water seem unending, but every so often you’ll land upon a still moment that lets you take a deep breath, and time for yourself. These fleeting moments of quiet are never too long, however, and always end as soon as they begin.


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