5 Disney Channel Stars Who Are Best Friends In Real Life


It’s not always easy to start a new friendship, especially with a new co-worker. Disney stars don’t have normal jobs, and this helps them cultivate lasting friendships.

From two best friends who have been through the wringer, to a pair of besties who are still starring in movies together.


Here Borlem compiled the list of 5 Disney stars who are best friends in real life.


Ross Lynch and Laura Marano

The casting directors over at Disney sure know what they are doing, specially when they cast Ross Lynch and Laura Marano as “Austin & Ally”. Talk about on screen chemistry, even though fans can definitely feel the spark between the two. These friends did not only work together but they did pretty much everything else together.

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

Its been over 10 years since ” High school musical” hit the silver screen on the Disney channel. Though many of the stars have moved on to bigger and better things, 2 of the stars remain best friends. Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens played FRENEMIES in the Disney movie. But behind the scenes, they couldn’t be closer. And over the past decade, nothing has changed.