5 Douchey Posts of The Rich Kids of Snapchat


There is something about watching how the 1% of the world lives. But, there is a fine line between being flashy and being just plain douchy. Here are 5 douchey posts of the rich kids of snap chat.  

1.  Flaunt with their wads of cash


What is a better way of letting the world know that you have money than to show them your huge wads of cash? Not only do the rich kids of snap chat do this, but they have gotten creative in their flashy snaps. From using the money for anything like a table mat, tissue paper, and even toilet paper. These rich kids have gotten a bit obnoxious when it comes to showing off their dough. We usually see behavior like this from insecure adults, but we guess the kids are starting young these days.

2. Destroying pricey goods

What’s an iPhone or an iPad to someone who just can purchase a new one on a whim?  The rich kids of snap chat go through expensive gear and electronics go quickly that they are keeping Apple in business. When they get new phones, They go to great lengths to destroy their old phones for everyone on snap chat to see. From burning expensive stuff they don’t want anymore to not taking care of the stuff they already have, it seems like it’s about the time their parents pull the cord on these kids.