5 Everyday Things Time Will Never Take Away


Time is one constant in life that many people don’t seem to understand. Through time, we have been able to see tremendous changes in the world that we would otherwise not have seen. The world has evolved into a global village from a huge wide ball that existed in the past. Time has also healed very many things, erased our pains and also caused some pain. We can authoritatively say that time is a dictator of some sort. However, there are things that time has not succeeded in taking away and within this countdown, we are listing 5 everyday things time will never take away. 



1. Religion 

Einstein the genius stated that science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind. Religion can be defined in very many fashions. In fact, everyone has his or her own definition of religion. Some will tell you that their religion is kindness while others will tell you theirs is God. Therefore as long as there is God and there is a man, religion will always be there.

Time in itself has led to the introduction of different variations of religion. People have come up with various cults in the name of religion in order to have some sense of belonging. It will not come as a surprise if you grew up and came up with your own religion as well.