5 Heartwarming Illustrations To Show That Love Is Not About Impressing The Person


Grand gestures of love are often the most celebrated, with many films and books being dedicated to the most romantic things we can do for one another. But true love isn’t about impressing the person. Love is simple kiss on the forehead. Love is falling asellep together on the couch. Love is covering you loved one with a warm blanket when they expectedly fall asleep. These are the signs where you can find the love in these small things. 

1. You are comfortable being together while doing different things


In a relationship, it’s easy to fall into a pattern. And I’m not saying there’s something wrong with routine. It’s really quite lovely to be with someone who makes you feel so secure that you can go through life unfazed by the some wrong deed. But you have to be careful in love. Sometimes, you can confuse being comfortable with being happy. All too often, we find ourselves in long-term relationships that don’t excite us. We stay because we’re terrified of the alternative, but we don’t have the energy to start something new.

2. Even if she wouldn’t know it, it’s still worth taking care of her

Communication is important in a marriage, but it depends on what is being said. It’s also important what is NOT being said. A loving, committed husband says, “I love you. You are important to me. Our marriage is important to me. I want us to be happy, and I will do what it takes to save our relationship. Yes, I am still your husband and yes, I still love you!”. Feeling like you’ve hit bottom in your relationship isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen.