5 Hilariously Embarrassing Stories Of People Getting Walked In On During Sex

Being interrupted during sex is one of the more awkward things in life. So, unfortunately, happens to just about everyone at some point or another. Whether it’s a noisy sibling, a clueless parent, a curious pet it’s not enjoyable for anyone. You and partner crawl to cover yourselves and everyone tries not to laugh, cry, scream at the situation. When it happens to you, it can feel like the definite worst thing in the world, but believe it or not, it will one day become a truly hilarious and embarrassing story that you’ll tell to all of your friends. And, to make you feel better, we’ve rounded up some other awkward stories about getting walked in on. 

1.  Do not disturb

BigBlue615, One time when I was visiting my girlfriend (we were long distance at the time), we were staying in a hotel. We were going at it, her hanging off the edge of the bed and me pounding her when all of a sudden, housekeeping just bursts into the room. No knock, nothing to let us know they were coming. Unfortunately, this all happened RIGHT as I was about to cum. The housekeeper quickly turned around and left, but the damage was done and we didn’t finish.