5 Intimacy Moves That Are Actually Harder Than They Seem


Sex in movies or in porn videos seems easy But sex moves are a lot harder. Here we are not talking about out of the world moves but basic moves. This information won’t ruin your sex but it’ll definitely show you some reality behind these moves.

Scroll down and check out these sex moves that are actually harder in reality than they seem.


1. Wall Sex

It seems very romantic, but to have a sex against a wall is actually very tough. If you have a vagina and you’re attempting to get it on with somebody with a penis, an ideal approach to really make this work is whether you have your legs wrapped around your accomplice’s back.

Alright, unless you have legs of steel, you would require a little enable holding yourself to up. That is the place bae comes in, however, unless he’s super solid and you’re amazingly light, this isn’t a position that both of you can keep up for long. Like, genuinely, after around 20 seconds you’re going to both be burnt out on all the trusting and muscle straining. To have intercourse in an awkward position that looks sexier not justified, despite any potential benefits.