Love her or loathe her, Barbie is American’s most famed doll. but for every applauded professional or sporty Barbie, on the shelf, there seemed to be a controversial equivalent that didn’t sit quite well with the customers. Here are 10 most controversial Barbie dolls to shock the world. 

1. Oreo Barbie

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? The oreo-Mattel collab is one thing but matching the cookie color to the dark skin color doll was a major sign of disrespectful. Oreo is known as a derogatory term for a black person who acts white, so whoever overlooked this made a huge mistake that garnered lots f disapproval.

2. Wheelchair Barbie

Wheelchair Barbie is awesome. she is cool and stylish. and her wheelchair is a rad shade of purple. However, the problem is that her wheelchair failed to fit through the doorway of the Barbie dream house. Mattel promised to fix this and has made two successful Barbie wheelchairs since then, but this was an example of exclusion at its worst.