5 Popular Movie Scenes That Were Changed In Other Countries


Superheros flying around in awesome and gorgeous outfits. Universally cool. But when it comes to the pop culture, it strikes a chord vary hugely from country to country. That’s something movie makers sometimes keep in mind, which is why these seven films all moments that are different depending on where you watch them. Here are 10 popular movie scenes that were changed in other countries. 

1.  Toy Story 2-Buzz Lightyear’s speech


One scene in this movie was changed for universal audiences that you may didn’t know or in case you forgot. Buzz Lightyear gave a heroic speech to Andy’s toys before they travel across town, American flag appears behind him and the star-spangled banner played in the background.

For the international released Pixar changes the flag to a spinning globe with fireworks shooting off. It definitely helps ensure audiences everywhere enjoy or entertain the film. But you can’t tell that it was made in the United States.