5 Real Guys Share Their Most Hilariously Embarrassing Sex Confessions


Sometimes it looks like intercourse is usually harder on women. Not most effective can we have to address ache and the constant possibility of an infection down there, however it additionally looks like all the terrible stuff can most effective happen to us. Women should cope with a plethora of balk-worthy intercourse mishaps but if it makes you feel betterguys have embarrassing sex moments, too. Among moody penises and that white stuff that shoots out of them, there is just so a whole lot which can pass incorrect. It’s an issue to have something terrible occur when you recognize the other person without a doubt nicely, and quite some other when you’ve best currently met. One of the maximum embarrassing things passed off a high-quality friend of mine a yr ago.

He by chance farted at the same time as getting a blowjob from a relative stranger. consistent with him, it changed into a loudpungent one. After it took place, she simply seemed up at him, grabbed her purse, and left straight away. No phrases had been spoken. I nevertheless bigger whenever I think about it. Happily, my buddy is quite confident in himself and didn’t allow the incident hold his lower back from getting again accessible. Negative ladythough


Here are some of the craziest and most embarrassing moments that have happened to guys while intercourse. 

1.  He Dropped Her

“I was carrying her back to my dark bedroom, and I meant to drop her on the bed but missed completely and she fell straight to the floor.She cried.”- FreddyandTheChokes

2. He Hurt Himself Badly

“I was hooking up with this girl in college, and things were very good. She never minded things getting a little rougher, so I wound my arm up to give her butt a slap she’d definitely remember.Unfortunately, her motions shifted and instead of connecting to her butt, I slapped myself very, very hard in the balls. Somehow I still made it through the session, but it was definitely a C- performance from myself, at best.”- VersionX
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