5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Photos On Social Media


When you see pictures of your friends on social media like Facebook and Instagram, you might think that they are living a more beautiful life than you. But you would be wrong. It turns out that the photographers probably just used their imagination to turn a normal picture into something wonderful. This is why, today, we are showing you 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Photos on Social Media. 

You have probably seen people dangerously standing by the edge of a cliff to post a photo on social media. Did they really risk their lives just for likes on Instagram? A tourist shared a picture to show us what they were really doing. The cliff was actually not that high, and the background was what made it look so impressive. But just wait until you know what people do with their backgrounds.


You might think that your friends have to travel the world to take the most beautiful pictures. But you will be surprised to know that you can actually go to France in less than a second in the comfort of your home. A girl just used a printer to create a beautiful background, and the result looks really beautiful. All you have to do is to read our article if you want to know more about it. Stay tuned to know more about how photographers create the perfect photos with special effects, Photoshop, spitting on people, using toys, posing in a weird position, and more. 


1. The Cars 

Even renting them could cost a lot for a simple picture. You just have to look at the picture below from a different angle to see how they created it. But a photographer just bought a tiny one instead and used a perfect angle to make it look like a real scene.

You might think that they had to travel the world to find the perfect place to do the photoshoot. But don’t think that it makes it easy to be a photographer because it takes a lot of skills to make people believe.